New and amazing foundation brush alert!!!

So I've been wanting a new foundation brush but I've been picky when it comes to picking one, I want a flats topped one. I didn't want to spend too much on makeup brush because my last foundation brush didn't last long so i searched on amazon for one and found a brush for under £2. For that price I didn't care if it didn't last that long I thought it was such a good deal and when I looked at the reviews of the brush they were all great. So far I have just had it under 2 weeks and I couldn't be more impressed with it.The actually look of the brush is something which I love so much. It is so simple which I love in any product or brush. Sometimes you pay more for things with fancy packaging which I think is pointless. I couldn't be happier with the way it looked.
When applying foundation with this brush it works amazing!! I was so impressed. I've had ones before which haven't worked so well, for an example the hairs just get messed up and break and because this is flat topped I cant see it breaking anywhere near as easy. I just can't explain enough how amazing it is. 
The shipping of this product was just as amazing as the product, I'm not sure what date I actually ordered it on but I was told by the product seller that it would arrive between the 1st-22nd of September and it arrived on the 3rd. Which I was really impressed by. Also the packaging in which it came in was really good as the shipping was free. 
Overall I couldn't be more impressed with this brush it applies amazingly, amazing value for money
Link to the product
I hope you enjoyed this post.
Love, Leah x


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