The Olivia Pope Diet (Skinny Pop)

If you have recently read my June favourites then you will understand my love for Scandal. I must admit how much I aspire to be Olivia Pope. So I feel as though the lovely people and Skinny Pop could become really amazing friends based on this shared love. All jokes a side, I was so happy and thrilled to be contacted by Skinny Pop as there is nothing that relaxes me then watching TV shows (mainly Scandal, PPL, Beauty and the Beast and Suits) eating popcorn and drinking wine. Skinny Popcorn have sent me a diagram showcasing which popcorn goes best with which wine, I like to call this the Olivia Pope diet.
However, I must add that my favorite white wine at the moment is a Vina sol, currently selling at Tesco's for around £7 and I would choose a sweet popcorn to match that.
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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