Cookie recipe

One of my new hobbies is baking, I have developed a new interest in which makes me very relaxed. It is something I very much enjoy, lately I've just been making cupcakes and fairy cakes just to get me started as I start baking on my own. The other day I decided to make cookies. The recipe I used was from the Great British Bake off. As you can tell by my pictures they aren't the most beautiful cookies, this because some broke away. I think this is to do with the fact I didn't put them all in a tray big enough. The main thing is they do taste nice. I must admit that making these cookies have got me extremely excited for Christmas, so I think I will do another recipe similar to this at a time closer to Christmas. If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like me to bake next then please comment as I love baking and I want to experiment new things.
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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