The Great Escape from the UK

If you are not British and have kept up to date with recent British politics then you would know that Britain has left the European union. I have a very strong political view on the matter, I voted remain and am very proud to do so. However I do not disagree with people who voted leave and their reasons for doing so, after all I am proud to life in a democracy where all have the freedom of speech. Although I do feel as that Britain needs to educate young adults in politics and the importance of politics. I know of many that say they have voted leave because migrants are coming into the country and stealing British jobs, however this couldn't be more than false, due to the UK having such high levels of unemployment, having over 5 million unemployed. My political view is my own view, I am sure there will be one or two that disagree that I voted remain. But I did so as it would make my life and dreams easier. Although they seem nearly impossible now they have became twice as difficult. I do respect others reasons for voting. I do feel as though Britain is in a mess at the moment, our politics is failing and we have a bunch of idiots running the country and trying to run the country. I am currently country mine and the rest of the populations stars that we have had the three biggest jokes in British politics removed from the PM title. I am proud to be a young women, who is English, Welsh, British and European. But am extremely disappointed in my country, at this current moment I am writing this from the Costa del Sol, Spain.
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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