Mean Girls

I am noted for being 'lovely' to everyone, I am very blessed that I am noted as a likeable person as I hate the thought of anyone disliking me. However, I do draw the line. Within the past year I have had to put up with a girl (child really) slate me, bitch about me, and above all try and come in between my relationship. I have never had to deal with someone who is so childish, and insulting to women. What upsets me the most is we live in a society where women are not equal to men but we feel the need to fight for their attention? I will never be the girl who feels the need to tear a relationship apart or come between a couple. Above all I will never make another women feel bad about their self, especially on the way they look. Women are beautiful, in what ever form we may find ourseleves. But I do not need another women telling me that my boyfriend would prefer her to me. That I am worthless, and she is better than me. Her even saying that to me gives me more strength as I know I am a better person. As I would never say that. My advice is just to stay positive regarding women, we need to give more support. By commenting on more Instagram posts saying they look beautiful, by telling someone their hair looks nice at a bar and for helping mother with a baby carry her shopping. It is not a man's duty to do this but our own.
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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