June Favourites

Hello, it's been a while since I have posted, however I am desperately trying to get back into blogging now that all exams are over, starting with my June Favourites. I hate to say that this month has consisted of a 'slob' which is me, making no effect in the way I look and dress but yet focusing on getting the best results possible in my A-levels.

After treating myself and refuelling during my exams I find popcorn brilliant as comfort food. During exam period I do not have a healthy diet, but stress eat and stress not eat.

I am a firm believer that their are the most beautiful places in England. Devon being one, there is someone peaceful and soul smoothing about being in the country. However I missed Wifi.

Film and TV
For a girl who loves films I am disappointed that I have not watched any films recently but this is due to exams, and 'not having the time' to watch films. However, I have been slightly addicted to some TV shows.

My boyfriend mam and me recently watched a show in series 5, I loved it. So I binged watched all 5 seasons while revising. I feel in love with the story line and plot, finding a crush in Olivia Pope.

Game of Thrones
I am known for my love of GoT but last year I was disappointed by the season, this year has continued to amaze me throughout every week. It has brought joy to Mondays, know one will ever understand my excitement as I hear the theme tune.

Love Island
If you know me you will never understand why I even like this show. I hate the wannabe famous and people who seem to be fake and two faced. Yet this show brings joy to my life, and I love it.

'Ocean Drive' By Duke Dumont
Recently me, my boyfriend and his best friend took a little get away trip to a caravan sight, overlooking Devon and the beautiful cliffs of England. Our song of the trip was Ocean Drive, it brings so many memories to us all and we all love it. I even took a little video of our stay and used the song as backing.

Love, Leah x


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