Are You Instagram Obsessed?

It is fairly safe to say that I am instagram obsessed, but are you? Do you find yourself constantly checking isntagram? Looking for inspiration in order to better you photos? Insecure of your theme? If this is you, then your like me and most of my friends. Yes, I am Leah and I'm addicted to isntagram.

Now I am so obsessed I used to have 5 photos in my phone library waiting to find if they will make a post or be rejected if they didn't match my theme. But now I have found an app which makes my life a lot easier. I use an app to schedule my posts. This makes my life so much easier when it comes to instagram because I'm not constantly stressing over finding one photo a day.

The app is called publish and I recommend that everyone get it, as its free and so easy to work.

Love, Leah x


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