Grey: Book Review

If you know me then you would know that I  loved the first three books. I thought they were poorly written but that's what make the, so addictive, they were an easy read. So as they were an easy read I was expecting Grey to be the same. Now I don't want to give too much away in the storyline but that was the part which disappointed me the most. I was hoping that the new book would give the answers to questions in which everyone was thinking, I thought that maybe it would add more onto the ending and set the ending even more for Ana and Christian. So I was hugely disappointed as it's Christians point of view about everything. I got bored as its re-reading the first 3 books. It was nothing new to me. As well as this what I found annoying about the book is that E.L James was trying to do the point of view of a man, and trying to get herself into the set mind of a boy and it wasn't really working ro me. I thought it was very fake in that way as I found it hard to believe a man would act like that. It was very exaggerated.
Thanks for reading.
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