Kendall for GQ

So the photos of Kendall Jenner on the cover of GQ were released last week and it seemed like the whole world (including me) was in awe with her. As many of you know Kendall Jenner to me is someone who I think is stunning and is someone who I would aspire to be. These photos of her are absolutely gorgeous, so I thought I should share. As you may know by now I have mixed opinions of Kendall Jenner, this cover for me is a message saying that she is not a fashion model but a personality model. One because it's for GQ and the models they use tend to be personality models, but even in other magazines she tends to be used to boast the sales of companies. She isn't used for her look or her abilities as a model but only her name. I find that really sad as she tries everything she can possibly do to not let her name effect her chances as a model, but I think we all know that if she was born to a regular family she probably wouldn't be a model. 
Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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