Harry Potter Studios : Part 2

Hi, here is my blog post on the Harry Potter Studio's Part 2.

Going to the Harry Potter Studios was an amazing experience in which I am so lucky and thankful that I was able to come here for my birthday. As a child I loved Harry Potter and the world it brought. It enabled me to image a world where anything is possible and nothing would may me happier than watching the films over again. As well as I always used to draw the world in wish I thought was amazing compared to the one I was in. However this was all my opinion on Harry Potter as a 5 year old watching the first two films.

1. JK Rowling might not be the BEST writer in the world, but she is still very, very good.
2. Her ideas are very creative and original. 
3. Every character in her books has their own individual personality.
4. The villains are pretty impressive. Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters never fail to give me the chills when they’re doing something particularly evil!
5. Some people say Harry Potter is for kids only…WRONG! It’s for all ages! I, for one, will still be reading them when I’m eighty years old and senile! And plus, who would put thestrals and Death Eaters in a kid’s book?
6. Hermione is a very strong and independent woman! As is Ginny, Tonks, Mrs Weasley, and even Luna Lovegood! They’re great role models!
7. Albus Dumbledore is great. He says the wisest things and is fair and kind to everyone and everything.
8. JK Rowling’s writing is very descriptive and fun to read.
9. Dumbledore’s gay. I’m straight myself, but I think it’s a great thing for the homosexual cause to have someone that powerful and respected (even if he isn’t real) to be gay. And plus, who saw that coming!? :O
10. The Harry Potter books are very interesting and sometime take you by surprise. The plot isn’t very predictable.
11. JK Rowling includes things in her earlier books that come into play in the later books. Like I just reread the Prisoner of Azkaban and Dumbledore mentioned how Peter Pettigrew’s debt to Harry could be useful later, then in the seventh book, the debt does come in handy!
12. I love how Neville Longbottom (the stereotypical loser) saves them all from certain doom in the end by killing Nagini.
13. Some people say that Harry Potter is boring because all it’s about is Harry defeating Lord Voldemort and that’s it. Whoever says this has OBVIOUSLY never read the books. Each book has a different subplot, like Harry and his friends finding The Chamber of Secrets, Sirius Black, and The Triwizard Tournament etc.
14. Harry Potter is about love, family, friendship and bravery! Those are the things that truly matter in life. As long as you have those things, then you’re truly blessed.
15. Harry Potter has a great plot that is tied together beautifully at the end. : )
16. JK Rowling is not afraid to kill off her main characters. R.P.I- Hedwig, Sirius Black, Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin, Tonks, Fred Weasley, Severus Snape, Dobby, Colin Creevey, ALBUS DUMBLEDORE! D’: (Even Harry, technically, died!) 
17. Besides the fact that they are wizards, the characters are easy to relate to. Harry missing his parents. Ron constantly being in the shadow of his older siblings and Harry. How’s that not relatable? 
18. Fred and George. They’re a reason in themselves! They add humor to the books and made me laugh out loud quite a few times! (Thanks to Casey O’ Neil for this suggestion!)
19. It has depth and layers. In short, people don't just read it for the hott guys.
20. Harry Potter allows you to use your imagination to fill in the blanks! JK doesn’t describe everything every five seconds.
21. JK Rowling did research before she wrote her books, unlike some crappy authors.
22. JK created a whole new world, and she did it with fantastic creativity! 
23. There aren’t just wizards and witches in Harry Potter. There’s other magical creatures like unicorns, centaurs, giants, goblins, bogarts etc. The list could go on!
24. Some HP fans started reading the series when they were younger, so they grew up and matured as Harry Potter grew up and matured. 
25. And most also waited for their acceptance letter to Hogwarts when they turned eleven…Don’t worry; I’m sure they just used Errol to deliver it and it got lost on the way! ; )
26. When J.K Rowling uses big words, she uses them right, and in the proper context.
27. Harry and his friends have actual problems that anyone in a friendship can relate too. Jealousy, irritation, concern. Yet he still loves them!
28. When Harry broke up with Ginny to protect her from Lord Voldemort, she stayed strong and didn’t moan about it. 
29. You can read the books over and over again, and pick up things you missed before.
30. JK Rowling can actually write a story that draws readers in, rather than put them to sleep.
31. JK gives a background to her characters to let the reader understand why they are the way they are! Examples: HBP was dedicated mostly to Lord Voldemort’s background. DH explains Albus Dumbledore and it explains why Snape hates Harry so much. (I think his story is beautiful by the way :’D)
32. Most Harry Potter characters are dynamic characters meaning that by the end of the series, they weren’t the same as they were when it started. Look at Hermione for example! She used to be strict and a MAJOR know-it-all. But by the end of the series, she’s breaking as many rules as Harry and Ron and isn’t THAT bad of a know-it-all.
33. JK Rowling put thought into her characters names! Albus= white (Opposite of the Dark Lord) Dumbledore= bumble bee (Because she liked to think that this music lover would go around the halls of Hogwarts humming to himself) And Remus Lupin, for anybody who knows anything about Roman mythology. 
34. Harry is modest. When everyone is obsessing over him because he's famous, he wants them to quit it. 
35. Harry is never looking for better friends and he doesn’t care if they’re a little nerdy. He's perfectly happy with them.
36. Harry Potter isn’t a lusty teenage love story. In some books, the love swallows the plotline (*Cough* TWILIGHT! *Cough*) Ahem…But in Harry Potter, romance is not all that matters. (Though some romance does come in later in the books :P)
37. There have been some critics that say that Harry Potter is anti-religious and JK Rowling is trying to teach kids bad things, but I say that’s BS! There’s a bunch of biblical verses in Harry Potter, on Dumbledore’s grave and on Lily and James Potter’s graves! And Harry dying to save the whole world and coming back to life? Sound familiar?
38. The books started out happier, but then got darker and darker as Voldemort gets more powerful and Harry realizes what he's up against.
39. The foreshadowing is subtle enough that you won't guess exactly what's going to happen, yet not too subtle that you think nothing is happening.
40. Harry is noble, heroic and selfless. He is willing to risk his life for people he doesn't know or doesn't like. Example: Draco Malfoy in the Room of Requirement. 
41. Harry Potter even has racism. Something we can all recognize. Examples: Voldemort with his whole “Destroy all muggle-borns” policy, and Umbridge with her hate for half- blood creatures.
42. Not all the Harry Potter characters are extremely good looking and perfect, making them relatable.
43. The characters in Harry Potter are willing to die for each other.
44. J.K Rowling follows the rules of "show, don't tell".
45. Harry Potter shows that power isn’t everything. Harry could’ve had the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone AND the Invisibility Cloak, but he gave them up because they were too dangerous. 
46. It also shows that immortality isn’t all that either. And in the first book Nicolas Flamel gives up his Elixir of Life, because “To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.”
47. After reading the final Harry Potter book, you are not left with more questions than answers.
48. Quidditch. JK Rowling created her own sport. (Truthfully, I understand Quidditch better than football or soccer…That might just be me xD )
49. In Harry Potter, the bad guys aren’t completely bad. They have emotions! Like Bellatrix’s –er…Fancy for Voldemort. O_o 
50. The villains have depth and many layers, just like the main characters. 
51. I’ve heard some people say that Harry Potter is out for revenge on Lord Voldemort and that’s a bad thing to teach children. BAHA! Harry Potter isn’t out for revenge! He just wants to save the people he loves! Even the people he doesn’t love or the people he doesn’t even know!
52. Dobby the house elf. That sweet little creature never thinks about himself and ALWAYS puts everyone else before himself! He even died to save Harry and co. by taking a knife to the chest!
53. Harry Potter is so great that people become obsessed with it. (Trust me on this one…I should know) There’s a Wizarding Independence Day (Celebration of when Harry killed Voldemort) I celebrated by the way ^_^ … And I’ve even seen pictures on the internet of people playing Quidditch!
54. The movies actually stick by the books pretty well! The books will, of course, always be better than the movies, but the movies weren’t half bad! (Though I was pretty ticked when they didn’t have a battle at the end of the sixth one! >:O And Bill didn’t get attacked by Fenrir Greyback! )
55. Harry Potter merchandise isn’t annoying and overly displayed. Some popular movies have all these items with the characters faces on it, or quotes or just the title and they’re EVERYWHERE YOU GO! No one can walk into a store and NOT see these popular movies being advertised. But I actually have to look for HP merchandise.
56. The world’s best wizard is a couple hundred years old! Most people would expect him to be weak and frail! But Dumbledore is totally bad@ss! (Thanks to Chase Stanley!)
57. In DH Harry, Ron and Hermione break into Gringotts (Which is supposed to be near impossible) and steal something from Bellatrix’s vault. The best part is that they escaped on the back of a dragon! (Thanks to Lisa Jacobsen!)
58. The final climax of the series between Harry and Voldemort was amazing! (Thanks to Lisa Jacobsen!) I seriously had to read it over again…and again…etc!
59. The Harry Potter cast portray their characters beautifully! Alan Rickman as Severus Snape! (Thanks to Michael Russell!) I also think that Tom Felton as Draco and Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix were PERFECT as well!
60. Dementors. Who could think of something that creepy and amazingly unique? (Thanks to Michael Russell!)
61. In the fifth book we first meet Kreacher. Who would’ve thought that he would be anything more than just a decrepit, old and slightly insane house elf? But in the last book he helps Harry and his friends defeat the Death Eaters with his weird army of underappreciated house elves! (Thanks to Lisa Jacobsen!)
62. Harry is committed and never gives up no matter what! (Thanks to Ebony Paige Haustein Potter!)
63. Harry is MAGIC! Nuff said. (Thanks to Nick Dunn!)
64. JK Rowling created her own awesome currency! (Thanks to Ben Manyhats Charleston!)
65. In the wizard world there are thousands of delicious sweets like: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, Acid Pops, Chocolate Frogs, Jelly Slugs, Fizzing Whizbees, Cockroach Clusters, Ice Mice, etc! (Thanks to Juliana Christine Baldascini!)
66. Rubeus Hagrid! You’d expect someone of Giant descent to be stupid, and a total Neanderthal, but instead Hagrid is a lovable, kind friend who has a rather odd soft spot for dangerous creatures!
67. A Very Potter Musical. Its fan made, so it’s not supposed to be insulting to Harry Potter fans. It’s HILARIOUS! xD If you haven’t watched it, then you should.
68. The books always come down to the most powerful kind of magic; love.
69. Lily Potter’s love was so great that, when she died to save Harry, she protected him from Lord Voldemort, who has never felt love. For that reason, Voldemort was defeated; because love is more powerful than any kind of dark magic he can learn!
70. All of the characters have actual flaws that make them all the more interesting.
71. J.K Rowling creates actual conflict in the series that isn't solved as easily as snapping your fingers.
72. The hard work and dedication that J.K Rowling put into the series is evident. I can’t remember well, but I’m pretty sure the later books are like…600 pages or more. Now that shows that she actually put thought into her writing.
73. JK Rowling kept wizards and other magical creatures relatively the same, but added a few unique details of her own without completely decimating the species’ reputation…A few of you might know what I’m hinting at. -_-
74. At first, Ginny is completely obsessed with Harry, but he doesn’t seem to think much of her. Then Harry starts to go out with Cho Chang and that gives time for Ginny to mature. Once they are both mature enough, they realize the feelings that they have for each other. Real relationships take time.
75. None of the characters are whiny and annoying.
76. The titles of the books actually have something to do with what happens in the book.
77. The Weasleys. That’s what a true family is. They stay together no matter what and love each other no matter what, even though they want to kill each other sometimes! 
78. The Weasley’s don’t need to be rich to be happy. What they lack in personal possessions they make up for in love. ♥
79. One of Harry Potter’s larger themes is family. For example, Percy acts like a total JERK and leaves them all for the Minister of Magic. But, in the end, Percy comes to his senses and rejoins them and the Weasleys accept him back right away.
80. Harry Potter is in no way cliché.
81. It’s suspenseful. Nobody but JK Rowling knew who Snape was working for until one of the last chapters of the seventh book.
82. Harry Potter was written by an intelligent woman. (Thanks to Nick Dunn!)
83. If you think about it, Harry Potter is believable. JK Rowling explains why muggles never find out about wizards so well, that I half believe it! All it takes is one Memory Charm…
84. Harry Potter has no purple prose.
85. Harry Potter is grammatically correct, with great language and vocabulary. I’ve learned most of my vocabulary from Harry Potter!
86. Harry Potter appeals to boys, girls, kids, and adults!
87. Harry Potter has a very complex plot! It blows my mind to think someone came up with something as ingenious as that!
88. The characters aren’t all the same. There’s variety in the personalities.
89. Harry Potter isn’t extremely repetitive.
90. Harry potter is like real life. People get hurt. People die. It is realistic.
91. The books leave you wanting more and more!
92. When I finished reading The Deathly Hallows, I was very amazed and impressed by JK Rowlings’ skill. I felt sad though too, because I knew that it was the last in the series. : (
93. The books were not written for the satisfaction of the mass media. 
94. The word ‘Muggle’ was added to the Oxford English dictionary, because of HP.
95. Stephen King called the series "a feat of which only a superior imagination is capable", and declared "Rowling's punning, one-eyebrow-cocked sense of humour" to be "remarkable".
96. Harry Potter is more than one genre...it's romantic, action-packed, sad, thoughtful, and unique.
97. Harry Potter has an ongoing theme of overcoming death.
98. Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity.
99. There’s a Harry Potter Theme Park in Universal Studios Florida!
100. It teaches that when you try hard, you can overcome anything.
101. Harry Potter is the type of book that you have to read certain passages over and over to believe "that" just happened (i.e. Harry Potter dying, who would have guessed rowling would kill her own main character)

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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