Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2014

So every year I get so excited when the Victoria Secret Fashion Show comes out, mainly as it would be my Dream to become an angel. I have loved VS for years and now I feel as if everyone does and everyone tries too.
Gilded Angels
Victoria Secret never fails to impress me as every year they start with a bang, I think they use their most beautiful and amazing piece first and last and to me they always are the most impressive. This year wasn't as good as some years in my opinion but I still loved it. My all time favourites for the opening section of VSFS was Ballet in 2011 and the Circus in 2012. I just though theses were so amazing, Ballet because of the beauty and Circus because of how insane the outfits were! To me the opening has to be power and this was! I love how Behati opened her section and opened up the show but I felt as if she need a more amazing outfit to go with it.
Dream Girls
Dreams girls was a beautiful sections in my opinion. I hate the colour pink and I am not too keen on girly things but I thought this section looked really beautiful. The models were picked right with the perfect outfits to match them and the fact that Lily opened it made me so happy. She really opened it up really beautifully and naturally. Dreams girls to me is what VS is all about the most beautiful women in the world, wearing the most beautiful underwear in the world and bringing an outfit a piece of art in a effortless way. I didn't think this section was as 'sexy' as others and it wasn't as power as others but it was effortlessly beautiful.
Exotic Traveller
I was really disappointed with this section, I thought the outfits weren't as amazing and beautiful as all the rest. When I saw the name of the section and the two fantasy bras which Alessandra and Adrianna both modelled I got really excited as I thought it would be as beautiful as that and a more special and gemmed version of Passion in 2011 but I was shocked. I thought the colours would be royal and strong but I felt as if they were miss matched.
University of Pink
In my opinion VSFS is insane but I feel like their PINK section isn't no were near as amazing and beautiful as their normal sections. Some years I have found it really tacky and some outfits look cheap, for an example this years was exactly how I don't like it. My favourite Pink section so far has to be 2012 were they introduced Cara Delevinge and Jordan Dunn. I just thought this year it was lacking what VS normally do best. I either think this section is just okay or completely hate the idea of  it but I Pink in the VS store but for some reason I find it looks tacky on the run way. Me and a friend both had the same exact feelings on this.
Fairy Tale
This was one of my all time favourite sections! I thought it was just so beautiful, perfect and actually magical. Every outfit in my opinion was just so beautiful and special. I don't think there was one which I didn't like. VS spend so much money on all of the outfits and I think in this section you could definitely tell, everything look beautiful and classy. I thought this section was magical!
Angel Ball
I think the Angel Ball has to be my favourite end to a show! I thought it was so sexy and beautiful, the idea of having everyone in all black lace was amazing as every model looked insane! No outfit in my opinion wasn't up the standards of each and I thought it was unbelievable. Everyone looked amazing and the way the positioned all the models to walk on stage at the end was perfect, it was so different having them all stand and watch! This has to be one of my favourite ever sections. 
Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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