50 Shades of Grey: Film Review

The other day when I was down in Leicester I needed two hours to kill while waiting for Jamie to wake up and I use a website to watch films. (Like everyone) When I noticed 50 shades of Grey was available to watch I had to watch it. Jamie's mam had told me if I ever had chance to watch it I should because it was really good.
I'm not one of these people who always says that books are better than films because I don't think that is true, I think they can be equally as good as each other and I had comparing books and films together. If I do I normally perfect the film if I am honest. So throughout watching this film I never referred back only to remember parts where I was confused on but throughout the film I enjoyed it so much. I thought the storyline was so good, unrealistic but still it was a kind of 'every girl dream', as a girl feel in love with a millionaire and he loved her back. So I will admit that the film is unrealistic in many different ways but so are many others. I felt like tis film was a great film, I really enjoyed it and I feel like it was hyped up just the right amount. I hate all the bad press it has gotten because I feel as if everyone will have a different view on it, some will say there was too much nudity and graphics and others would disagree. Others would say it is a rubbish film and others will say its a lovely romantic film. There is many different opinions from many different people. My opinion is that it was an enjoyable film, I felt like their was just enough nudity, if feel that if they added any more into the film then it might of ruined it. I expected more sex scenes from the film and was glad when there wasn't as many as I thought.
Hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for reading.
Love, Leah x


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