My weight loss

So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might know that I have lost a lot of weight recently. My weight has always been something that I was uncomfortable about as I was heavier then I actually look. I haven't looked fat or chubby for years but I looked curvy. Looking at me I wasn't someone who needed to loose weight I looked healthy and normal, I wasn't fat nor was I skinny but my weight made me feel really uncomfortable and self conscious.

I am 5"10 and I've been a dancer my whole life, so these are two reasons in which I weight heavier then most girls my age. When I was younger me and my friends would weight ourselves and I would always weigh more even though people looked bigger then me they would still weight less. As well as this muscle weighs more then fat so because I have been dancing my whole life, there will be more muscle then fat in my body and that's another reason why I would weigh more than others.

In mid December I wanted to loose weight in the New Year but I wanted to go into it slowly and not start the New Year with the diet straight away. I decided this when I was 12 stone and a half and on the second of January I was 11 stone 6. Now my current weight is 10 stone 13. I haven't really tried hard to loose this weight, I haven't drank any fizzy pop and left out chips. I've tried to make small cut backs and it's worked. I am really pleased with myself as I managed to do it over the Christmas period.

Thanks for reading, Love, Leah x


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