Triangl excellent customer service!

I saw a triangl bikini I feel in love with and wanted to know which one it was and information about it. So I sent the photo to triangls costumer services and straight away I got a message back saying which bikini it was and she had replied to my question about the colours. I wanted to know what colours were available and she looked on my Instagram (the photo I sent was from my Instagram and had my Instagram name on it) she had looked through my photos and come up with colours for me. How amazing was that? I now know what colour bikini I want! She was so amazing and helpful getting me the right sizes. I thought it was incredible the service I got!
Thank you, 
Love, Leigh x


  1. I so badly want a Triangl bikini! They're so nice!! By the way, today my favourite blogs post went up… I'll leave the link here….

  2. Same! Thank you so much for putting me in your favourite bloggers, your defiantly one of mine xx


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