Dealing with a rubbish a-level subject

In my GCSE's I managed to get an A* in Religious Education (RE), I had the best teacher and found it so interesting! WE did stuff which was actually interesting, things like evil and suffering and immorality. So I thought that I would choose to do it at A-level, as I knew I had a talent for it and wanted to get good grades, now I hate it! The reason why I had it so much is that we are learning about the boring parts  (in my opinion). This is things like the Synoptic Problem, if you have never heard of that Google the definition and you will feel sorry for me. When I picked this subject I had no idea it was going to be like this, it's my own fault for no looking into the college's course in it and knowing what I would do before I had chosen it.

Why don't you drop the subject?
In my GCSE's i got an A*, B and 7 C's, this means I wasn't allowed to do more than three A-levels. Apparently they didn't think i could 'handle' four subjects which had annoyed me, as now I have too much free time on my hands. So it means that I either have to stick with the A-levels I have chosen or after the year is finished drop it and do another As course in sometime else. The main reason I can't drop the subject is that I want to study RE further, I think I want to teach it (Don't have at it).

So I am dealing with a rubbish a-level choice poorly. I keep on trying to make it work and for me to enjoy it but it isn't happening. So if you have any advice please share.

Love, Leah x


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