Collective Primark Haul

Over  the past month I have been buying things from Primark, this is mainly because I have a lot of free time on my hands being at sixth form so I go into town and look round the shops for things to do. It means I spent more money than normal but I did get great bargains.
Skirt £5 (originally £12)
Okay so this skirt doesn't look too great on the hanger but once it is on its lush! When I wear it I actually feel like I've been dressed like a modern day Jackie Kennedy, When I first saw it  I thought it was kind of cute, so it wasn't until I tried it on until I fell in love with it. The type of dress fits me lovely because i have a thin waist but big hips and because the skirt flares out it suits me really nice. I was putting off buying the skirt but then I thought about a holiday next year and remembered it was a bargain. 
Coat £25
Striped top £2 (originally £6 - I think) 
I was killing time in Primark when I saw the sale rail so I thought I'd have a look at the clothes and found a nice top for £2. It isn't anything special at all it's just nice, easy to wear and another top to add to my wardrobe but for the price you can't complain. I did actually want a striped top but I couldn't find none so I was pleased that I found this. I'm not exactly sure what the original price was but I am guessing that it was £6. 
Cami top £1 (originally £3)
Necklace £2 (originally £5)
I've been wanting another statement necklace, one in silver and one that doesn't make as much noise as my one from new look. I bought a gold stat,net necklace for £7 and already on of the chains linking the gold parts together has fallen off, it still looks fine but that isn't the point. So I was hoping primark would a better necklace. I didn't want to pay a lot for it, the idea was just seeing if Primark's necklaces would be better than new looks. So far it hasn't broke which is good. But when I found a pretty silver necklace for £2 I had to get it. 
Heart room accessories £2 
Fur cushion £4
Hat £7 
Slip on shoes £4 (originally £7)
I saw these shoes but the topshop version and didn't know weather or not to get them, so I've been seeing them in primark for the past couple of days and finally decided to get them. I thought £7 was a really good price and when I went to the till to buy them I found out they were reduced to £4! Which I thought was so good! 
Primark's seamless footies £1.30
Primark's volume full look false eye lashes £1
So I bought these eyelashes for dancing, I love the little Primark false eyelashes so much but these I'm not a fan off. I think its because they are so big and massive which is normally what I have for comps but this isn't what I wanted or was looking for. I think I will just stick to the little ones. 

Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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