Morning routine (school holidays)

Okay so I love watching these videos on Facebook and I wanted to do a blogpost of it so I don't know how this is going to go, but I hope you like it and don't find it boring.

Normally my day starts off with me waking up, I hate early mornings so I normally stay in till about 10+ on holidays and weekends. When I wake up I check my social media and messages. After about 5-15 minutes of lying about while on my phone or iPad I decide it's time for a cupper.

 So I go downstairs and either I make tea or normally my mam does it. I don't normally eat any breakfast and if I do it's biscuits, I just can't eat a lot on a morning. While I do I have my tea and biscuits I watch some crap on tv, normally it's Jeremy Kyle. After I finish my tea I'll go upstairs and get ready. 

So once I'm upstairs I brush my teeth and wash my face, I normally use my tee tree face wash then wash it again with soapy water. After this I go back and do something with my hair depending in the day, if I'm not doing anything I'd normally put it in a pony tail. Then I'd get changed. If I had no plans to do anything on that day I'd normally end up putting joggers and a top on.

If I do decided to go out later on I'd just throw something on, put my makeup on and do something with my hair to make it look like I'm decent enough to go out.

Love, Leah x


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