The perks of being a wallflower book review

You know when people say the book is so much better then the film? Well in my case the perks of being a wallflower film was better then the book. I don't know why, maybe I just struggled to concentrate on reading it, or because I found some parts slow but I just found the film better. My friend read the book and film and thought the book was better, maybe it's because I loved the film so much I had the most amazing expectations of the book. I enjoyed reading it but I'd stop on parts which are slow and a bit boring so it was harder for me to read it again. I read looking for Alaska in a day and the perks of being a wallflower in 5 months, but I found them both as interesting. They both have some slow parts. To me it's one of those books which is so much better after you have read it, you like reading it and enjoy it but it's just hard to keep reading (I find) but once you've read it I felt as if it soundly got amazing. You don't remember the slow parts you look at the highlights of the book. I loved the storyline! I thought it was so moving and I cry at the film every time I hear Charlie's last letter. Mainly because I can relate to the storyline and I knew I would find it difficult to read at the end. The ending to me was just the cherry on the cake, I thought it was amazing. It was sad but I was still amazing. I was hoping that Charlie's last letter on the film would be exactly the same in the book so I was slightly gutted. 
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


  1. Definitely agree on this one! Didn't really enjoy the book, but loooved the film! Hardly ever happens :)

    Tina |

  2. I know it never happens! I'm obsessed with the film, best film ever practically but I found the book a little borin tbh, it was just too slow for me x


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