Results day!

Okay so its the day were most 16 year olds in the UK shit themself and panick over their future, I was one of them. I've had many sleepless nights over this day and all the hard work has finally paid off!! I worked my arse off, me and my best friend spent nearly every lunch time revising and after school. 
My results:
English language: C
English literature: B 
Maths: C
Art: C
Core science: C
Additional applied science: C
History: C 
RE: A*
I don't know which result I, happiest with tomorrow, I'm naturally good at RE it's the only subject I'm which Ive always well in. The thing is with me is I'm not smart, I never have been or tried to be but I do work my arse off so I can have a better future. If you know me you know that on my 3rd time for maths I've now past! I couldn't be happier because on my 1st attempt I was 8 marks off, 2nd 1 (then sent off for a remark and it became 2 marks off) and now I have the same mark as I got back from my remark 149/200 and I have finally got my C! I'm so please with my English literature result as I thought I messed it up because I didn't know what the question meant there was a word which I didn't know amd I thought it messed my whole GCSE up. I knew my poetry could bring my mark up so I worked so hard for that and it turns out that I didn't much up and ended up getting 55/60 on my poetry paper! As you can see I have got an A* and I couldn't be happier! it's made some disappointing results so much better! 
I hope everyone has done well in there results, getting what you wanted and deserved. If you haven't gotten your results today then I hope you've had a nice day. 
Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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