I'm a big believer in that no one is perfect, even though you may think someone seems perfect or are perfect to you, the truth is everyone has imperfections. I have a few people in which I think are perfect, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. There is loads of people out there who seem perfect but we have have our imperfections. Now I don't want this blog post to be a big rant on how we all have our imperfections, I have it to post bringing confidence to anyone who reads it. If someone reads it and thinks "I feel i tiny bit better about myself" then that would make me so unbelievably happy. I want this this not only to be about body confidence but confidence all over. I also want the message of this post to be "yes i have my imperfections but this is what I like about myself".

So if you read my blog you may know that in my life I have had some problems, one being food and body image. I love food! Nothing is better in my opinion then a beer and pizza but eating unhealthy can lead to having body images. For me it wasn't the fact that I was eating unhealthy food I was over eating, this is when my problems started so I would comfort eat. This caused me to gain weight and i was really uncomfortable which my body. I developed more problems through this even though I've lost weight since then but now I am becoming more confident with my body. I am a bit hypercritical for saying this and encouraging girls to be confident with there bodies when I'm 100% confident in mine. I am trying though and that's why I am writing this post, I am wanting to be more confident with myself and I want to encourage others to do the same.

my imperfections: 
- I am crap at spelling 
  so basically all my life I have had trouble with spelling, I've always struggled with it, it has never come easy to me and in subjects such as RE I'd drop marks and grades because of spelling. 

- my thighs
 So my thighs are really what caused all my problems, I absolutely hated them! Every time I looked at them they would make me feel sick and now I feel a lot better about them. I am not really sure why to be honest but I feel more comfortable now with them then I ever have done before.

- my tummy
 I always go through stages were I have a flat tummy, then it will go and it isn't so flat anymore. This makes me really self conscious but I try and make sure that it is more flat than it has been for a while and that it is on the flatter side then the not just so I feel more comfortable with it. 

I'm only going to use three imperfections as the list would go on and on, and I think it would be really boring if i went on fro a whole blog post about my imperfections. I just wanted to share my tips on how I deal with my imperfections. I have loads of things I don't like about myself but everyday I pick out something which is wrong about me and that I don't like I, I pick out something I like and that I am comfortable with. This is normally my bum, I don't know why but I am just comfortable with it.

If you can please comment on what you thought of this post, also if it has helped you in the lightest way possible then please tell me! It would be the most amazing thing ever if i found out that I have helped someone. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas for blog posts based on this topic or topic similar then let me know and I will do them. If you have found my way of coping my imperfections helpful then please let me know and if you have your own tips and ways you deal with yours then please let me know. Thank you for reading.

Love, Leah x


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