30 day squat challenge

Lately I've gained weight and I'm not going to sit around and do nothing about it so I decided that the best way for me to loose weight is too eat less and do a little more excerise. As I'm a dancer I do train a lot but I need something else which will add to my training and will benefit me in loosing weight. I heard many talk about squats, many people hype about how benafical they can be and I thought it would be a good idea to do the squat challenge. 
So as I want to get fit I need more motivation and in doing this I changed my profile photos on my iPad and iPhone to my body inspiration and I'm setting myself reminders every so often so I don't forget to do it. This makes it easier and gives me more motivation. I tried the squat challenge before and I'd forget to do it and I needed something better I'm keeping track of how many I did. So I found a squat challenge app which works really well, it has lots of great review. So soon I will be starting the squat challenge. 
If anyone is interested in doing it along side me feel free, make sure you keep me posted in your progress and how you are finding it. You can always contact me and tell me your opinions on it.
Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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