I got a job!!

Okay so some of you's may know that I'm obsessed with Disney, so when I had the opportunity to apply for a job to be a Disney princess I took it. There's a company mear were I live that want people to be Disney princess and I went for my job interview today and they told me I got the job! So I'm going to be primcess Belle and princess Jasmine which I'm so happy about, every since I was little I wanted to work at Disney land as primcess Belle. So basically I dress up as a primcess and go make appearances at events. This is perfect for me because it's so,etching which I've always wamted to do. I can't believe I was lucky enough to have this opportunity, I'm thankful to my bosses I've met them once and already I think they are lovely and amazing.
So this was just a blog post to update you about something new happening in my life, I hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you,
Love Leah. 


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