What I got at the weekend 5/4/14

What I got at the weekend 5/4/14


I went out this weekend to somewhere which doesn't have many shops but there was shop which I needed and I went to this town for it and it's specsavers. I went to get my eyes tested on Thursday and found out that I needed glasses so on Saturday I went to pick them. 

I don't have my glasses yet because I've just ordered them but I should be getting them some time after Saturday. As soon as I get them I'll post about it, I actually really love them and I got them for free seen as I'm still in full time education and I can't wait to get them. 

Bag - £8
So I've even look around for a new bag and I wasn't going to Primark because there bags just break so I looked about and I was wanting to spend roughly £20 on one. When I looked about there was none I really liked and I needed one for when I stay at my boyfriends so I picked the one I liked the most. I got it from Select which actually have some nice things in at the moment and it was in the sale. It was £12 now reduced to £8. So I'm happy I have my new bag and it seem like there was good material used it isn't like Primark's bags. 

Rimmel wake me up - £4.98
I was running out of Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation so when I'm running out of make I look around and find the cheapest one I can find, personally I think £9 (boots) for the foundation is a lot compared to it being £5 at savers. Not many places have a savers so if you can find one I suggest you get your Rimmel stuff from there because at the moment they have a deal where everything is under £5. 

Two folders - 50p
I have been sorting all my work out for school and revision, so everything is neat and all in one place. I've been wanting to get loads of ring binders so I can fit more stuff in. So I went into Wilkinson's and find some pretty folders for 50p each so I was so happy and wanted to get more but I thought I should stick to two.  

Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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