Preparing for prom: choosing the hair

So this blog post will be choosing the first stage of how you want your hair to be. Either up or down or I'm the middle, I have done blog posts of undos and hair down which I will upload later but first you want to know if your having your hair up or down.

I know I wanted my hair up, I have picked my dress and have got it and because it have a lot of detail at the top my hair would look better up, you need to decided how you want it. I knew I wanted it up so it's just picking how I want my hair like and I'm doing a blog post on that. If you are thinking of having it up them I suggest you look at it and hopefully it will give you some ideas for your hair. 

There are so many gorgoues hair styles when having your hair dins, curls, straight or waves. If I didn't have so much detail on the top my dress then I could of defaintly had my hair down in a 1950's curls. I will doing a blog post on ideas for having your hair down for prom and I hope you like it. 

What do you think about when picking what hair you want 

1) will it go with my dress? 
2) do you suit your hair up or down?
3) do you want to cover your ears? (You may be selfconsious of them)
4) are you wanting to put hair prices in? 
5) do you suit your hair straight or curly? 

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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