Preparing for prom: all about the updo

The bun 
I really love the idea of having a bun for prom, but I'm not going to have it as I have my hair in a bun a lot. I think it's a elegant and classy look which can look perfect with any outfit and for any occasion. I've used two examples of a bun which I think are gorgeous! A bun is something easy and gorgeous and if you have long hair it will be perfect. 
Kim Kardashian 
I think this hair style which Kim is wearing is absolutely gorgeous, it's so classy and elegant. The plat or braid adds detail to the hairstyle which doesn't take any focus away from the bun it just makes it more amazing. I wouldn't have this prom but I do think depending on your dress it could be the perfect hair style. 
Lauren Conrad 
I love this style of bun the most and although I wouldn't wear it for prom, I would defiantly wear it for another event. It's slightly messier than Kim Kardashian's but it's still gorgeous and classy which I love. It looks stunning in my opinion and I love it. Personally if you have a tight dress which is fairly plain then this hair style would look absolutely amazing with it. 
This hair style is so pretty in my opinion, it's something which looks gorgous and has loads of detail. It also looks very classy and elegant which is the look I'm wanting to have for prom. 
Messy curls
Pinned curls 
All up 
My favourites
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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