Preparing for prom: advice on picking the stress

So this post is going to be about the perfect prom dress and hopefully it will give you some help and guidance in picking your dress. I never had any help and I'm not bothered that I never as it didn't really effect me but if your confused or need any guidance then I hope you find it. 

Get a colour which suits you 

For any special event you want a dress which the colour will suit you and this was something which I thought about while look for a dress. I have a light olive skin tone so I'm very fortunate as there is a lot of colours which suit me and my hair colour, there isn't really a colour that doesn't suit me which I'm so fortunate for. It can be a lot easier for some people once they know the colour they want, it gives people a better idea of what they want. 

Get a shape an style which suits you 

I tried a dress one which made me look horrible, it didn't suit my shape at all and that's what thing you should think of when picking a dress. You don't need to know your shape before picking a dress if possible try it on and make your mind it, don't think about how pretty the dress is because that was my problem because the dress was so pretty I wanted it but I wouldn't of been comfortable.  

Make sure you look classy 

Every time I've had to pick something from prom I've made sure that it would be classy, no one wants to look a bit slutty at prom. I think prom should be a time were everyone looks amazing and classy so I think you should cover certain places up, meaning don't have your boobs hanging out because no one wants to spend the whole night pulling there dress up (if it's strapless). 

Make sure you feel comfortable in it 

I tried a dress on in Quiz which was gorgeous an the colour suited me but the problem was I felt fat in it, I have curves and I needed something like a lace up at the back and this wasn't a flattering dress on me and I wouldn't have been comfortable. You need to be comfortable I'm a dress.

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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