Packing again!

Packing again! 

I'm staying at my boyfriends again so I thought I would do another post on what I am going to take and this time I'll add photos! I enjoyed writing the last one and because I'm staying for longer I thought I should make another post on it. Plus there were things which I ha forgotten to put in my first packing list. I'm packing for my boyfriends but this post can be used for packing for anything. I'm stay for 4 days so I need more than last time and I will be slightly different from last time too. 

Packing list 
- toothbrush 
- face cloth 
- shower gel 
- shampoo and conditioner 
- dry shampoo
- body cream
- hair bobble 
- hair crips 
- hair brushes 
- hair curlers or straightners 
- make up
- make up wipes 
- make up remover
- underwear 
- socks 
- clothes 
- pjs 
- shoes 
- food
- DVDs 
- blankets or cushions 

There will be other stuff which different people will pack and what they will need. 
What I've packed 

I have packed things like my face cloth, toothbrush and body scrub. I've packed products for the shower which are Soap and Glory clean on me and Soap and Glory the scrub of your life. Hair products I'm taking are Batiste floral and flirty blush and L'Oreal TXT spray. I'm also talking perfume and deodorant which is sure long lasting protection in clear aqua and Next's pefume called Sparkle. 

I love my Princess Belle toothbrush and face cloth so much!

As I'm going for 4 days I need clothes for them, but I needed to know what I was packing for as if we were going out I would need something smarter but as we are only staying in side while I'm there and watching films I just decided to pack things which are comfortable. 

Day 1 - traveling there 

For traveling I like to wear something nice but comfortable an loose because I'm on a train for two hours and when I get to Jamie's house I won't be doing much. So I picked jeans, a baggy top and some comfy pumps. 

Top - £2.50 Primark 
Jeans - £8 Primark 
Jacket - £38 south 
Shoes - £8 Primark 

Day 2 - lazy day 1

On lazy days I like to wear stuff baggy and comfortable, something which I can just be lazy in. So I've packed a jumper and jeggins because they are so comfortable and it's perfect to just be lazy in. 

Leggings - £8 new look 
Jumper - £5 Primark

Day 3 - lazy day  2 

I'd wear similar stuff to what I am going to wear in day 2, leggings and a jumper. I just like to wear comfortable things which I won't ruin and that aren't clothes which are really nice/good. I'd not all wear a bet top under the jumper. 

Leggings - £8 Primark 
Jumper - £6 Primark 

Day 4 - coming home 

I would wear similar stuff to what I wore on day 1, I want something comfortable but good because I'm travelling so jeggins and a baggy top was something which I thought would be perfect. 

Jeggins - £15 river island 
Top - £2.50 Primark 
Jacket - £38 south 
Shoes - £40 (roughly) Converse

Things to do 

This time I'm bringing things to do such as films, me and my boyfriend both love watching films so I'm bringing them films which I love and he hasn't seen. 

As it's Easter I'm taking an egg down for us both to share, we were going to give each other an Easter egg as a present but thought it wasn't a good idea as we didn't know if we would be able to see each other this month and we didn't know if the chocolate would melt. 

The most important thing which I take is my blankie, I can't sleep without it if I'm stayin in a place which I'm not used to. I absolutely love it it's so comfy and it's fluffy!

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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