Oblivion - Bastille

Oblivion - Bastille 
I've had this song on my iTunes for roughly a year (ever since there album came out) but I watched a video showing clips from the fault I'm our stars and it had this song I'm the background, I don't think it's a preview or a trailer from the actually film I think so,Rome had made it but it's actually amazing! I was nearly crying because the song kind of fits in with the story time, as it says "are you going to age with grace?" And if you know the storyline you'd know the answer, I found it so amazing and I'm not one to like anything sweet or love related but this really made me love it. It's getting me so excited for the film now, so if you haven't heard the song listen to it, it's kind of perfect for an alternative love song.
Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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