Long distance relationships


Today's blogpost will be about long distance relationships and how I deal with everything, if you have questions or suggestions on the subject please comment and let me know and if you are in a long distance relationship then tell me how you deal with it please and what helps you. 

So I've been in a long distance relationship for 8 months now and it's so difficult I'll admit but to me it's worth because the little time we spend together is perfect. We met through the internet in June 2012, it was weird at first because I had met someone I knew nothing about, we got close and soon became really good friends. I think that's a massive point for me and him, we had this amazing friendship but never met, we told each other everything and in August 2013 he came up to meet me for the first time. 

A couple of days later we decided to get together and start a relationship, we both wanted to but worried about the distance but to me it shouldn't matter and we gave it ago. Around May/June of 2013 we started to get feelings each other and we both knew about it. If we hadn't of started the relationship then we would of continued our relationship for a long time and not have had this relationship. Now we have been together for a while and try to see each other.  

I deal with being I'm a long distance relationship by our messaging, we try to message each other all day every day, sometimes it doesn't work but without it would be so much harder to deal with the distance. We aren't really one for FaceTime or ringing each other I think we just prefer messaging as we can be anywhere and still talking to each other. Also we see each other once a month and although it's hard not seeing each other I love what time we spend together it's amazing. When I stay at his house it's perfect because I get a little bit more time with him, I have to think of it as 6 hours is better than nothing. It's hard, a lot of money, tiredness, sad but it's all worth it.

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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