I got glasses!

So I just got glasses and I absolutely love them! I needed glasses because I can't see things far away and it's become a massive problem at school and I've started to get bad head aches. 
So I got them and I'm so happy with them, I can finally watch telly I'm bed without sore eyes or bad heads! 

I love black clothing items and pops of colour, there is nothing more simple but yet so gorgeous at the same time. I think an outfit like this is yet classic but gorgeous. Its not too busy but yet almost simple and effortless. I think when you add items of colour to an outfit it makes a huge difference as it can change an item depending on the season, whether and occasion.

I always try and pick items in which are affordable but yet are beautiful, I would never post something which I don't like or don't want. I want to be able to recommend things in which the everyday person can afford and use.

I must admit I really love this outfit and really wish I could wear it everyday, but for obvious reasons I can't. I hope you you enjoyed watching this as much as I enjoyed making it.

Thank you,

Love, Leah x


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