What I got at the weekend! - Saturday the 15th of March

What I got at the weekend 
On Saturday I went shopping, I go shopping often but I'm so grateful because I normally bet one item at a reasonable price. I love doing this because I'm able to browse and get something too. So on Saturday, which the 15Th  on march I went to the closest town in my area which I could shop. It's a good place to shop as it's convenient, it's 9miles away and has shops which I like. 

Primark light aqua jumper

So when I went into Primark I feel in love with there holiday collection, but as I'm not going on holiday this year I decided on looking for something for spring. I don't have much colour in my wardrobe so when I saw a light aqua coloured jumper I feel in love with it. At the moment aqua is a colour I love, Pwhen I was looking for a prom dress I thought Aqua was a colour which I should get, it's such a spring/summer colour. As it's only just turning spring it's still cold and I don't have any colourful jumpers, so when I saw this jumper it was perfect. The jumper was a shelf with loads of grey and coral colours, I saw that there was only two aqua colours left one I'm a size 14 and the other in a size 20. I am neither of these sizes but I noticed that size 14 was a small fitted so I thought I could get it and where it baggy. Also because I am tall it's a good size because it covers my top length. The jumper was on sale, it was £8 and reduced to £5 which I thought it was a bargain and a must have. The material in the jumper is soft and comfortable but it isn't as amazing as Topshop's jumpers, but for £5 it's perfect. The jumper is small fitted if you are thinking of being it so I would suggest a size bigger would be better.  

Primark home wear accessory

 When I go into Primark I always go to the home wear they have, I think it's so lovely and sweet for amazing prices. I'm someone who loves to buy things for there room but don't want to spend a lot. I have a cushion obsession but most shops have high priced cushions so I go to Primark to have a look because they are normally under £10. So whole I was looking in the home wear range I found out this lovely wicker heart accessory, it doesn't really have a purpose but you find one for it. I saw it before and had chosen not to get it but when I was it reduced to £1 I couldn't resist. I think it's just something lovely to have and I love it. I recommend that you should have a look in Primark's home wear because it's so lovely and amazingly priced. 

Dorothy Perkins crystal layered drop earring 

I went shopping in the first place to find some ideas for prom, my prom dress came the Tuesday before I went shopping so I went shopping to have a look at shoes, earrings and bags. I had go into loads of shops to find earrings and most places only had gold I'm at the moment. So I went into Dorothy Perkins just out of curiosity and while trying shoes on I found some earrings. They stood out on the rack and were so perfect. They are just what I was wanting something which stands out but is still classy. I thought they were a bit highly priced compared to some earrings which I had found but I think they are perfect. They suit my dress so well and I couldn't of found a more amazing pair. They were £12.50 which isn't too badly priced in general. I think they are perfect. 


thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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