What I got at the weekend 22/3/14

What I got at the weekend 22/3/14


My boyfriend came up on Saturday so we went shopping to the town closest to me and I had gotten a few things. I didn't spend too much, I tried not to buy anything but I realised there was things which I needed and them there was things in the sale or reduced which I couldn't say no to as I've been waiting to buy them for a while. 

Primark bras 
For some reason I just love Primark bras! I went into Primark with the intention of buying a bra but when I saw that they had the t-shirt style bras for £2.50 I had to stop myself buying 4. I settled in buying two because I thought I should try them out first and see if I liked the,. Turns out they are amazing, they are comfortable and are perfect. I love Primark's bras as they are so comfortable and most bras don't last long so it's ideal in not sending too much for something which won't last. 

L'Oreal Txt spray
I first heard about this product from one Zoella's favourites videos and from them I thought I'd buy one but lately I haven't been shopping much, so when I was in Superdrug on Saturday and saw it for half price I thought it was perfect I get them. It says on the product it gives you the look of backcombed hair and having a product like this is perfect because normally my hair goes flat and I don't like back combing it so it gives the look I want. For me it gives me everything which I was wanting in a hair product, if gives me the style I want and it lasts longer than most hair sprays to be honest. I love it, it gives a backcombed hair style without actually having to backcomb it. I love this product and I really recommend it, I got it half price which was perfect but it is defiantly something which I am going to buy more off.

Princess Belle face cloth/flannel 

There was this little market stall out side the shopping centre and I saw them displaying a princess Belle face cloth and I couldn't say no as it was only £1. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a massive obsession with Beauty and the Beast, so I could not say no to it. As I'm in a long distance relationship I don't know when I'll be staying at his house so I thought getting a face flannel and keeping it there would have been a good idea, so what better face flannel then something personalised. I'm sorry happy without it, it was like my favourite purchase of the day. 

Princess Belle oral-b toothbrush 

So me and Jamie went into the pound shop, I normally like to go in there for a look about and for food. I was in the teeth section and noticed Disney toothbrushes and when I went to have a look they had a selection of Disney princesses, I got overly excited and searched through all of them to find a Princess Belle one. I was wanting my own set of bathroom things for my boyfriends house but I didn't think I'd end up get getting a child's toothbrush. On the packet of the toothbrush I know that it says ages 5-7 but if I'm only using it for a weekend one in a while it will be fine. 

Black photo frame 

While I was in the pound shop i found a photo frame which I've been wanting for ages, I didn't know which one I wanted even though they were all similar but when I found one for £1, I couldn't say no. I've been wanting a photo frame to put mine and my boyfriends photo and this was perfect and for it.

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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