March Inspiration - Kendall Jenner

March Inspiration - Kendall Jenner 


Kendall Jenner is someone who I think is amazing! I look up to her so much, I think she is unbelievably perfect. I'd love to be her. To be honest she isnt just this months inspiration she is one of my all time favourite inspirations. I watch keeping up this the Kardashian's a lot and love it when they show her. Kendall to me is someone who is lovely, I think it's hard not to love love. 

The reason behind her being my inspiration is because although she is 2 years older than me, we are similar heights and both have the same ambitions. She's a model and that's something I am wanting to be so she's the perfect inspiration for me to become a model. Also she's 5"11 and I'm 5"10 and she gives me the inspiration to lose weight and become what I've always wanted to be. I would love to be in her position and hopefully one day I will. 
Kendall Jenner seems to have this natural beauty which I love, she doesn't wear much makeup like most models but yet she seems to have flawless skin. Unlike most models Kendall doesn't smoke, other models who I love do smoke so I think Kendall is slightly refreshing compared to most models out there, it's one of the reasons why I love her and she's my inspiration. I think she's a great role model for many people. 

If you look at Kendall Jenner's photos you can see how perfect she is. If it's possible she seems to be flawless (skin wise). I have a problem with my skins, sometimes I will have really good skin and it will be okay for about a week and them I might go through a bad stage or spots and breakouts which just make it horrible. I hate putting more foundation on to cover spots because it doesn't do the job but sometimes you are left with nothing else. Hopefully I'm just going through a bad skin phase because normally I am actually lucky with my skin type. Kendall doesn't seen to have this problem and I know we can't all afford the products which she gets but there will probably be cheaper alternatives which are just as good, I think if you keep a look out did some really good skin products then you might find a really good one. 

If you look at photos of her (like the one above) you can see how gorgeous she actually is. You can also see how naturally stunning she is, as she looks like she isn't wearing any makeup. If I'm honest when I see someone wearing little makeup or none and they are that gorgeous I do get a little bit depressed when I compare myself to them, even when my friend might have a full face of makeup and I'm wearing none I still get a little bit depressed because I compare myself to them. I put myself down  because I'm not as pretty as them. So although I think she is naturally gorgeous there is plenty of other girls out there who are just as gorgeous. 

Kendall Jenner has one of the most perfect bodies for modelling, this gives me massive inspiration as it's something to look up to. I am someone who is never comfortable with there body so I'm always putting myself down because of the way I look so I think aiming for a body like Kendall Jenner's is perfect because she's toned and although she's thin she isn't too thin. I think everyone should have at least one inspiration who is a similar height and age to them, this way if you are wanting to loose weight it becomes more easier and give you more motivation to achieve your weight goal. As I am really tall I find it hard to find someone for inspiration who is a similar age and height to me. So some one like Kendall Jenner is perfect for me, I just need to lose weight now.

Overall I absolutely love Kendall! I think she's absolutely gorgeous and I would love to be her as she's everything I aspire to be. She has the job which would be my dream, and is why I see her as this massive inspiration. 

Please comment down below who your inspiration is.

Thank you,
Love, Leah x


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