April inspiration - Matt Healy

This months inspiration was going to be Nikki Reed but I'm a massive fan of the 1975 and this month I've become more in love with them. To me Matt Healy is amazing! 
I'm literally obsessed with the The 1975 and I think Matt Healy is amazing, he's just different and even thought he doesn't try to be an inspiration he is. To me he's my inspiration because he has a "fuck it" attitude and that's what I need. Anyone who knows me knows that I've been throughy massive stages in myself were I've been depressed and had an eating disorder so to have an inspiration who basically says fuck it is amazing! I've always been worrying for years and never really let my full personality out, I am changing as a person but lately I've looked at him and think why can't I who I want? He's given me inspiration to actuall who I want and I know it's stupid but when your suffering from depression it's basically all you want sometimes. 
The thing with me is I'm attracted to the lads from a band with tattoos and who play guitar arm could sing to you. It's a bit of a clique but I do have a massive weakness if a lad could sing, I just find him so gorgeous. 
The video for robbers came out on Monday and I have been watching it everyday I think it's incredible. I've been so obsessed with it and actually haven't stopped watching it. When I say it I couldn't believe how amazing it was. I've always wanted to be a model and be I'm a music video like that (I know it's stupid) and it's just given me so much inspiration to loose weight and actually achieve what I want to become. 
Plus I've seen all of Matt Healys family, his mam, dad and brother I just need to see him now. Haha 
Thank you, 
Love, Leah x


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