50 facts about me

1) my favourite food is pizza
2) my favourite singer is Ben Howard 
3) my favourite band is The 1975
4) I've been to Egypt, Benidorm, Paris, Ibiza, Tenerife and Fuerteventura
5) I have brown eyes 
6) I have brown hair 
7) I love Guns and Roses 
8) I wished I was born in the 80s 
9) I'm from a small town I'm the north east of England 
10) my favourite musical is Billy Elliot 
11) I'm a dancer 
12) I met my boyfriend on omegle 
13) I have 3 dogs 
14) my favourite colour is purple 
15) I'm obsessed with the Disney princess Belle 
16) I wanted to be a air hostesses 
17) I want to go to Hawaii 
18) I have a massive family 
19) I spell my middle name differently to what it is 
20) I love the Big Bang theory 
21) I'm a girl who loves football 
22) I love rain
23) I love music 
24) my guilty pleasure is One Direction 
25) Friends is my favourite TV show 
26) my favourite perfume is alien 
27) I think Kendall and Kylie Jenenr are perfect 
28) I want to be a model 
29) Kendall Jenner's body is my inspiration 
30) I'm in love with Lou Teasdales style and hair 
31) I wish I was blonde 
32) Matt Heally is perfect 
33) I'm 5"10 
34) I've never died my hair 
35) I'm a man utd fan 
36) I love tea 
37) I could buy everything from Jack Wills, I love it!
38) I love Disney 
39) my boyfriend might be taking me to the Harry Potter studios this year for my 17th birthday 
40) I want to go back to Paris 
41) I'm 16 
42) I'm always tired 
43) I love sleep 
44) I love shopping
45) I think makeup is amazing 
46) I think snow is beautiful 
47) I'm quite good at history and RE 
48) I failed my maths qualification by 1 mark 
49) I'm addicted to cadburys Oreo chocolate 
50) I love apple juice 


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