Weekend at my boyfriends

On the 21st of February I am staying the weekend at my boyfriends house, this so strange for us as I've never spend longer than 7 hours with him. I am in a long distance relationship and although it incredibly difficult it's worth it, so with staying the night now I will now be about to see him more often and for longer which will work out so much better and it will become a little easier. So this blog is jut going to be about what I'm taking there incase anyone wants inspiration in packing, please comment or message me if you think I need to take anything. 

Packing list 
- underwear (make sure you have enough for the amount of days and take extra ones)
- clothes (for the amount of days you are staying and extra)
- bedware 
- socks 
- hair products 
- makeup products 
- shower gel/soap
- flannel 
- DVDs 
- chargers (e.g phone, tablet)
- medication (if needed) 
- perfume 
- deodorant 
- makeup wipes
- face wash
- books (if your travelling) 
- hair bobbles and grips 
- hair brushes 

I hope this has been helpful I'm anyway, it was helpful to me I'm remnerimg what to pack and if you have any suggestions and think I should take something people let me know as I'm I have forgotten something. 


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