January favourites

Foundation: Rimmel London match perfection 
To me this foundation is amazing I love it, it gives me the perfect coverage and putting the stay matte powder over the top makes it last so much long. I do have trouble finding a foundation I love even though I'm not picky when it comes to choosing them, all I want in a foundation is for it to look nice and stay like that. I've been loving this product for so long and in always repurchasing it and to me it's my favourite foundation I defiantly recommend it.
Normal price: £6.99
Cheapest price: £3.99

Mascara: L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess Mascara
This mascara is amazing, i don't have small or long lashes but they are somewhere in between and this mascara gives my lashes a natural loos. It extents them to a lovely size and makes the lashes look thin and natural which is why I love it. I normall use this and then  another mascara but it is amazing and I do recommend it. 
Normal price: £10.99

Lipstick: Maybelline baby lips 
I haven't been wearing much lipstick this month which is strange I normally love red lipsticks and this month I've now swapped my bright colours to the maybeline baby lips. At the moment my lips have been very sore so for school but the colours I have are too bright a so up so I only put a little bit on. This product is defiantly one I love and for the price it isn't bad.
Normal price: £2.99

Perfume: D&G the one 
This perfect is strong but kind of light at the same time.p, I can't resllt describe the smell but it's defiantly amazing. I suggest people getting it but in some shops I do know that it is quite a lot to buy. 
Normal price: £39.99
Cheapest price: £32.95

Food: Cadburys Oreo 
This is the most amazing chocolate bar, all I can say is that it's like heaven in a bowl. 
Normal price: £1.49

Drink: lucozade pink lemonade 
If you haven't tried this yet go and get a bottle, the way of describe this drink it's heaven! It's amazing I love it so much. 
Price: £1.99 

App- Instagram 
As I just got my iPad and iPhone and broke my iPod I had 5 months without Instagram. I think out of all the apps I have I love this the most mainly because I'm noisy and like too look at other peoples photos. Having Instagram back is amazing before my iPod broke I reached 1000 followers and I lost a few with no posting for ages. 

Electrical: iPad mini 
For Christmas I had got an iPad mini which I love, I've been wanting one for ages and I'm so greatful I got one. My iPad is white and it's my baby, I find it perfect the size is amazing and I love it. There isn't really much I can say about it to be honest. All I can say is that I'm very greatful for my present and it is amazing, I do recommend it to anyone who is thinking about buying an iPad.
Price: £319


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